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Welcome to Bolour Computing

Since 1987 we have helped clients design and build state-of-the-art business information systems.

We work with you on a hands-on basis to organize and evolve effective development teams, and to architect, design, and build responsive systems that faithfully reflect your business practices.

When your system requirements are out of the ordinary, be it in agility, reliability, or scalability, we help you develop systems that maximize the value of your investment in information technology.


Bolour Computing Application Architecture

Application Architecture

Choose the right platform and frameworks for your specific business needs. Separate out processing between the UI, business logic, and database layers, for maximum flexibility, responsiveness, and scalability.
Bolour Computing Domain-Driven Design

Domain-Driven Design

Model your business functions as cohesive, cleanly-separated, collaborating components, that reflect the nature of your business, and allow your system to evolve gracefully with your business.
Bolour Computing Technical Team Leadership

Technical Team Leadership

Allow your team to operate at peak performance by using proven patterns of collaboration from agile and other software traditions as they apply to your specific mission.
Bolour Computing Software evelopment


Have your system built with the most advanced development techniques in the industry. We practice agile planning, test-driven development, frequent delivery, and continuous communication and peer review.
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